Food served to children under five in Childcare has never been higher on the political, media and parental agenda.

Since nutrient based standards were introduced in 2006 for food served in primary & secondary schools, momentum has grown behind campaigns to do the same within the Early Years Sector.

This momentum has attracted significant media attention & in turn is causing parents to demand greater information about the food served to their children.

We are delighted to have worked with several Local Authorities & Boroughs within this framework, to train Cooks & Childcare Staff in nutrition & cookery – with resources to put their training into practice.

The Grub4Life Nutrition training courses have been designed by Nigel Denby RD.

They will take you through each stage of learning with a Question and Answer session after each Part – and a final test which will provide you with a personalised certificate.

Face to face training courses are also available and you could qualify for a 100% grant to cover all costs. Just email us