Grub4Life and Industry









  • Developing Innovative solutions to food production with added health benefits and properties
  • Real Science not pseudo science
  • Practical innovation
  • Ingredients with real health benefits
  • Led by consumer demand
  • Researching nutrition technology whish works in today’s market driven sector
  • Developing solutions for food technology
  • Continuously monitoring health developments and regulatory trends
  • Liaising with the Manufacturing Industry to inform and plan
  • Matching Industry’s needs to Consumer Health Requirements
  • Food You’ll Love to eat
  • Food that will love you back!

Food Innovation

  • is at the forefront of our activities and is determined by our extensive nutrition knowledge and research
  • We start from the basis of ‘Good Nutrition’
  • Matching this knowledge with consumer trends and needs
  • And deliver manufacturing solutions for marketplace innovation
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Our current developments are addressing ‘Salt Reduction’